Which security attacks didn’t make the front page?

Check Point Report

Take a look in Check Point’s 2013 Security Report

Securing company data has always been a concern for the IT department. However, with Google stating that every two days we generate as much information as was created between the dawn of civilisation and 2003 – the IT department is under more pressure than ever to secure this increasing amount of data.

This is not the only headache for the CIO; the IT department is facing an increased threat from securing increased data, more advanced hacking techniques, across more devices. Therefore, some of the results from Check Point’s survey of UK IT and security professionals are of little surprise. Not least that, external threats have increased significantly in the past 12 months; with more than half of respondents reporting an increased risk of internal data breaches.


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Watch the video to know more about the major security risks that
organisations are exposed to on a daily basis

What the results do highlight is that organisations, despite all their best efforts so far, are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing consumerisation of IT and the sophistication of hacker’s techniques.

If you would like to gain greater insight into the network security events that occurred in organisations worldwide, an explanation as to how some of the attacks were conducted and receive recommendations on how to protect against security threats, download Check Point’s 2013 Security Report.

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